Is the $24.99/mo for Whoop Triggerz Plus® a contract?

Not at all, you can cancel your subscription at any time!


How does the 14 day trial for Whoop Triggerz Plus® work?

Once you download the app, your 14 day trial does not begin until you actually authorize it from within the app. Once you start it, you have 14 days to try out all the features and collections of music. If you wish to cancel, make sure you do so 24hrs prior to the free trial ending. In other words, to keep from being charged, cancel on the 13th day.

What is the difference between Whoop Triggerz® and Whoop Triggerz Plus®? 

Whoop Triggerz® is a one time purchase of $59.99. It offers 4 amazing collections of music that you can use to back up the preacher and also music for worship moments, praise breaks and alter call. Whoop Triggerz Plus® offers an unlimited amount of collections with music to not only back up a preacher, but also to back up a singer as well. You will also get various styles of music you can use throughout the service such as call to worship music, congregational songs, ccm music, quartet gospel music and much much more. WT+ is updated monthly with new content, and this is all for a low subscription price of only $24.99/mo.

Whoop Triggerz® is a mobile app created by Carlton “C-DUB” Whitfield, aimed to fill the need in churches without musicians. It allows anyone to be able to play behind the preacher with just a tap of a button from your mobile device. It’s fun, easy to use, and highly effective in the house of worship.

What exactly is Whoop Triggerz®?

Who can operate the app? 

Anyone! It does not matter who you are. If you have a finger and a mobile device, you can do it! This app was designed to where a person with little or no musical knowledge can operate this app without fail. Also it is great for the preacher who would like to operate it themselves while they preach! It’s just that easy!

Is the app available for Android devices? 

 YES, Absolutely!

Are there any tutorials on how to use this app?

Absolutely! Check this one out! More are on the way! 
Whoop Triggerz® Tutorial 


Will this app work in airplane mode? 

Absolutely! Matter of fact, we recommend that you always put your phone in airplane mode during playback! You do need an internet connection to download the collections, but once they are downloaded to your phone, they’ll play with or without a connection!

If I buy the app for my phone, do I have to pay again to get it on my ipad?

No, as long as you are signed in under the same apple id on your second device, you can easily download the app to multiple devices without being charged again. This goes for Android also. The only thing you can't do is purchase it for Android and transfer it to an apple device, or vis versa. You cannot transfer across the two different platforms.

 If I have an issue with the app who should I contact? 

 If you come across any issues please contact us at helptriggerz@gmail.com. We work hard to make sure you are totally happy with our products!