Streaming Rights

Thank you for using Whoop Triggerz Plus® to provide music for your online videos and live stream worship services! Please note that we do not charge a licensing fee to stream the contents of this app over the internet, but there are certain things in place on platforms like Facebook and YouTube who protect themselves by implementing automated takedowns and or videos being muted. 

Therefore our requirement is that you provide in your caption the following wording that credits the app: 

“Music Provided by the Whoop Triggerz Plus® App (http://www.WhoopTriggerz.com).” 

This simple step can save you hours of issues on the back end as it’s our goal to ensure your overall experience is a favorable one including the platforms you use to stream on. Failure to do so could result in your content being flagged, muted and/or removed from the internet. 

We appreciate you adhering to this update and it is our goal for you to continue to enjoy the use of the Whoop Triggerz Plus® app!

UPDATE 11.20.2023